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Online and Kicking is a multidisciplinary (tech)nomading location independent design studio. Online and Kicking is founded in 2006 by Milan van den Bovenkamp.

milan van den bovenkamp, the dude

"Milan sees connections before others do". For the last 11 years, he connects people on all different levels; by starting multiple on-and-offline (co-working) communities for, building interactive platforms and just by simply showing why people should meet.

Milan has extensive experience in providing value for users (people) all around the world. Hire him as a public speaker, for an interactive workshop or as a consultant  to discover the hidden value of your community or business!


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“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you."— Dale Carnegie

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Some words about the studio and Milan


Linda Vermaat - Twentie Four (ex-Professional Rebel, founder Youth Food Movement)

"There are some people you just love to work with. Milan is definitely one of my favourites. The balance between adding value and just having fun is hard to define but even harder to put into practice. For Milan this comes naturally as he let's our company flourish but also brings a smile on my face."

Willem Wijnans - Sourcingmonk (

"I love Milan, in a non gay way. Or maybe in a gay way, like happy. I get a lot of business through him, he seamlessly connects me with cool startups who could use my help. Sourcingmonk is the business it is now because of his help and I can not recommend him enough for his matchmaking skills. This guy is gold."

Joszi Smeets - Co Founder Food Hub (ex-Youth Food Movement)

"Since Milan did a workshop at the headquarters of the Youth Food Movement about efficient communication, we started working with Trello & Slack. Milan has shown us how to use the programs with patient, clear and humoristic flair. We kept communicating by trello and slack since and - I can say without a doubt - it has made us more productive. Personally, as the director of the organisation, it helped me getting a better focus and overview. Milan was and is always available for questions. I definitely recommend working with him!"

Martijn de Kuijper - CEO at Revue (ex fosbury (acquired by verve) and yunoo (acquired by afas) and a techstars alumni)

"Wildcard could well be the tool that finally cracks the issue of digitally connecting people that meet IRL. Milan is an awesome guy and a very skilled product builder."

Oliver de Leeuw - (ex-TEDxAmsterdam)

"Milan never ceases to amaze with his liveliness. Known for his widespread energy and creativity he finds a way to combine this with a broad and deep knowledge of all things artistic, digital and... pretty much anything that requires a fresh mind. Every single talk I've ever had with Milan left me with something to think about. That's worth more than any job description could ever encompass."

Lisanne Buik - The Next Speaker

"Milan is a born connector of dots and people; he could help you boost your business levering his own startup experiences and his profound interest in everything online/tech. Put his energy in the mix of hard&soft skills, network and experience, and you’ll be on your way to hacking up that growth together!"

Thomas Knoll - COO at Revelry (Mentor At 500Startups, ex-Launchrock, Primeloop).

"Milan is the type of guy who gets things done. Add to that the fact that he cares more about this problem than anyone else I’ve met, and I begin to suspect he’ll keep trying and keep trying and keep trying until he finds a way to help people connect with all those yet-unknown people around them who could be their next partner, colleague, mentor, friend."