Making technology

come alive!


Loves to CONNECT and ENABLE people through TECHNOLOGY and COMMUNITIES.

Building on-and-offline communities (Lev Kaupas, SellanApp, etc) for years now. Focused on connecting people through Wildcard.  
Running around the world to play 'tag you're it' using Taggy.  Connecting people through sports with Let’s Play

Working with the amazing people behind: Dadara, Van Chefs, StrangeloveSourcingmonk, WappZapp, Urban Greeners,
Windmill ultimate frisbee Tournament, Professional Rebel and

Find me #Technomading around the world! And explore below what I offer you.

Linda Vermaat - Professional Rebel
"There are some people you just love to work with. Milan is definitely one of my favourites. The balance between adding value and just having fun is hard to define but even harder to put into practice. For Milan this comes naturally as he let's our company flourish but also brings a smile on my face."
Willem Wijnans - Sourcing Monk
"I love Milan, in a non gay way. Or maybe in a gay way, like happy. I get a lot of business through him, he seamlessly connects me with cool startups who could use my help. Sourcingmonk is the business it is now because of his help and I can not recommend him enough for his matchmaking skills. This guy is gold."
Lisanne Buik - Van Chefs
"Milan is a born connector of dots and people; he could help you boost your business levering his own startup experiences and his profound interest in everything online/tech. Put his energy in the mix of hard&soft skills, network and experience, and you’ll be on your way to hacking up that growth together!"
Oliver de Leeuw - TEDxAmsterdam
"Milan never ceases to amaze with his liveliness. Known for his widespread energy and creativity he finds a way to combine this with a broad and deep knowledge of all things artistic, digital and... pretty much anything that requires a fresh mind. Every single talk I've ever had with Milan left me with something to think about. That's worth more than any job description could ever encompass."