Technology works because it’s complex. To enable a better grip, understanding and leverage, we use playful analogies, symbols and semantics.

We're in the business of designing and making useful applications for software, hardware and everything in between. 


We venture ourselves, and we go on adventures with our clients. Everything we create is for humans, we make technology come alive.  


specifically, Milan offers

Strategic connecting

We start small, we work from first principles and connect dots. This is important to understand why things happen or not. We ask just enough questions to make you question yourself and your business. 


Experience design

Minimum requirements and simplicity are key to create maximum attempts. With experiments we create raw data and prove or disprove assumptions. We use meaningful and playful analogies so things become more simple.

Product management

In order to get the most out of everyone in every step of the way you need conversation and clear goal setting. We have a human centered approach and we use tools to communicate explicitly and implicitly.


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