O&K is a design studio with a strong background and ambition in
Communities, Mobile and Games. 

We venture ourselves, we go on adventures with our clients! Our work has been featured in (inter)national media:


We help you with

UX Design, Product management, Prototyping, Copywriting, Community building, Marketing Strategy, Team building.

Grow your Community!

In order to build and grow your (offline) community you need a common goal and effective engagement loops. We have a human centered approach and we help you leverage the tools and ways to engage your tribe! 


Design an Experience!

Going back to basics is a challenge! In order to create results, design simple experiments and experience. Use meaningful, playful and effective analogies so everyone can understand and most people can participate! 

Come together to learn!

From matchmaking to entrepreneurship, from design to crowdfunding, Milan explained in great depths how it is to fail fast, travel the world and design products that positively impact the planet and the people that live on it. 

clients, partners and collaborators over the last 10 years:

We design, we make for humans. We help you leverage software, hardware and everything in between. Start the conversation